Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Turnout at the Kitchen

A wonderful turnout of excited folks showed up at the Bozeman Bike Kitchen this evening for our Tuesday Work Night session.  From Nikki who is excited about teaching folks to work on bikes to Matt who just wanted to show up and help to Steve who is always looking for partners for the Practical Pedal to the rest of the regulars who make up the meat-and-potatoes of the Kitchen a great round of work got completed and a few bikes even went out the door to some deserving individuals.
Stay tuned to the Web site and e-mail newsletter for updates and reminders of upcoming Bike Kitchen Events.  If you're not on our mailing list, visit the Bozeman Bike Kitchen Web site to join up.  If you want to help out but can't join us we are always looking for people who want to donate quality, repairable bicycles, cash, and other less-tangible skills.
Our main call for help is in finding a new, affordable location for the Kitchen.  We have outgrown our current venue and it is limiting our chance to grow and bring cycling and bicycle-commuting to Bozeman.  If you know of or are the proprietor of a space that is affordable/subsidized contact us please! 
Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight and we'll see you next week!
- Sam


sEthanol said...

Also, many thanks for the cookies! While bikes need no fuel, mechanics do, and those cookies hit the spot.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, we're not looking for any partners for the Practical Pedal, so please don't ask. We are always looking for editorial and artwork submissions though! Happy Cycling! -Stevo

samh said...

My apologies in how I phrased that, Steve. Perhaps I should have said the Practical Pedal is on the lookout for local advocates.