Monday, December 1, 2008

Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter, December 1st, 2008

Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter

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Monday, December 1st, 2008

What's New

Bozeman Bike Kitchen

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen has officially secured a new home and we are in the process of moving in. We just finished getting the electrical completed and are in the process of insulating the bathroom. We are also gearing up to build a sturdy shop bench alongside the existing shop furniture already installed. Over the course of December we will be moving bikes and parts from one location to the next. If you are interested in helping with this process starting next week, please e-mail us. At this time we are looking for volunteers set-up to move with bicycles (Xtra Cycles, bike trailers, Madsens, et al). Once a good chunk of stuff has been moved with bikes we will move larger items using a (gasp!) internal combustion powered vehicle.

What's Needed

Bozeman Bike Kitchen

Firewood Needed - The new Bike Kitchen location is coming along nicely and will have some upgrades over our old "chicken coop" location. One especially nice feature is the addition of a wood stove which will allow us to work into the winter. Unfortunately a wood stove does us little good without wood. We are looking for donations of firewood (split or un-split) to keep us warm for the winter. Wood takes awhile to warm a space so a donated propane (or similar) heater to use in initially warming the space would also be graciously accepted.

Furniture Needed - Our new location will have room for a lounging area as well so we are looking donations of a couch, end and coffee tables as well as a lamp, stereo, speakers, and other living-room type items. If you can help with any of the above please e-mail us

What's Next

Bozeman Bike Kitchen
We're not ready to have an open-house at our new location just yet but give us time. Once we have our new shop table built and a good chunk of our stuff moved from the old location to the new we would like to have an open house. We will also be starting up weekly (or more) work nights again. Just because its cold doesn't mean there aren't people riding their bikes because we sure havne't stopped!

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