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Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter, August 9th, 200

Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter - August 5th, 2009

Extended Work Nights

Bozeman Bike KitchenStarting tomorrow, Thursday, August 6th, 2009, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen will be extending its current hours of operation. Since its inception the Bike Kitchen has operated basically one night per week due to a lack of available and skilled volunteers necessary for operation. Starting tomorrow night the Bike Kitchen will open its doors every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm.

Initially the Bike Kitchen will operate on Thursdays exactly as it does on Tuesdays in that anyone is invited to come down and get help repairing their bicycle, look over and purchase a bicycle, or help wrench on bicycles that we are preparing for donation or sale. There is the possibility that we may change the structure of the Thursday night sessions in the future and only invite mechanics willing to fix up our ever-growing supply of bikes needing to be refurbished. Please keep this in mind and stay tuned to this e-mail newsletter for more info in the future.

Message from the Board

Bozeman Bike KitchenWe are so happy to see the excitement in the eyes of a child who rides a new bicycle out of the Kitchen, or the smile on the face of someone who has just learned how to fix the non-working brakes they've been riding on for months. These feelings are great and in order to keep them happening the Bozeman Bike Kitchen needs the financial help and support of people with means who live in the Bozeman community and beyond. Remember although we're a non-profit organization our expenses are paid by the appreciated support from people like you. Drop a few (or a lot) of dollars into the donation jar the next time you're at the Bike Kitchen. You can also make an electronic donation to the Bike Kitchen using Paypal on our Web site.

Our Mission

We are a cooperative cycling center dedicated to making the use of bicycles as transportation and fun possible for all members of the Bozeman community. We need volunteers of all ages and abilities to help us refurbish bikes. We are located in the garage behind 425 E Aspen. For a map, please visit our Web site.

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