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Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter, April 7th, 2009

Secretary's Corner - by Liz Layne

Bozeman Bike Kitchen

We need your help. Six months ago the Bozeman Bike Kitchen moved in to its new home. We received three large donations this winter that helped get us in to our new space. We are ready for a busy summer. But funds are running low. We are confident that as biking season begins we will have more people making donations at work nights and other events. But the ground in Bozeman is still covered in snow and mornings are frosty. So if you have benefited from the Bike Kitchen in the past, or if you think what we're doing is cool or worthwhile*, please contribute this month. Our website now has a PayPal donation button with which you can donate any monetary amount. If 50 of our friends donate $10, our rent will be paid for another month. We know everybody is watching finances these days, but we can help save you lots of gas money. So haul your bike out of your shed, cruise down to the brown garage behind 425 E Aspen on a Tuesday night from 6-8pm, have our mechanic Casey show you how to get it ready for the summer, and please leave a donation in our jar.

*What ARE we doing? We are helping get folks out of their cars and on to bikes with confidence and the skills for self-reliant, sustainable, economical, emission-free transportation. We provide refurbished bicycles at no-or-low-cost to people in need, and low-cost maintenance services to the public. More people riding bikes safely and responsibly is healthy for individuals, our community, and our planet.

Calendar of Events - by Sam Haraldson

Bozeman Bike Kitchen

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen and our fellow cycling organizations have a number of events planned for this spring and summer you should add to your calendar.
  • GVBC Bike Swap - April 17th, 18th
  • Bike to Work Week - May 11th through 15th
  • Bozeman Bike Kitchen Grand Re-Opening - May 16th
  • BBK Work Nights - Every Tuesday 6 - 8pm

Thank You - Sam Haraldson

Bozeman Bike Kitchen
With the move to our new location we've incurred greater operating costs for running the Bozeman Bike Kitchen. Rent, materials, vehicular hauling, and other items and activities have costs that add up. We appreciate all our volunteers who devote their time to our cause but there are others without time whom donate money and goods as well. I couldn't even begin to write out a list of the hundreds of volunteers who give their time but we still appreciate your efforts!

Here is a list of some local Bozeman businesses to whom we are greatful for the donations they've made over the course of the past few months. Please consider shopping with them when you need items they carry. Also, if I've left your business off this list feel free to email me so it can be added to the next newsletter.
  • Owenhouse Ace Hardware
  • The Paint Pot
  • Columbia Paint & Coatings
  • Bangtail Bikes
  • Bozeman Youth Initiative
  • BHS Cycle Club
  • Rodger Rio and Right Now Technologies
  • Montana Sierra Club Chapter

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