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Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter, May 7th, 2009

Bozeman Bike Kitchen Newsletter

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Bozeman Bike Week

May 11th through the 16th marks the dates for Bozeman Bike Week. Cycling events of all sorts will be taking place throughout Bozeman during that week that you should be sure to partake in. The Bike Kitchen will be well represented:
  • Extended hours for our Tuesday work night (5pm to 8pm, May 12th)
  • Summer grand opening and annual bike drive (10am to 2pm, May 16th)

Be sure to come down to our Bike Drive on Saturday May 16th between 10am and 2pm to donate bicycles, parts, tools, money, and maybe some cookies if you happen to have some fresh ones baking. Remember that the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a non-profit organization that exists to refurbish those old bicycles you have collecting dust in your garages and sheds. The Bike Kitchen is located in the garage behind the house at 425 E Aspen.

Bozeman Bike Week Events

Let's give it up to the Bike Kitchen's own Steve B. and Massive Studios for this year's excellent Bike Week Poster! I'd also like to redundantly thank Steve for this fine work as well.

Our Mission

We are a cooperative cycling center dedicated to making the use of bicycles as transportation and fun possible for all members of the Bozeman community. We need volunteers of all ages and abilities to help us refurbish bikes. We are located in the garage behind 425 E Aspen. For a map, please visit our Web site.

Bozeman Bike Kitchen Bozeman Bike Kitchen Bozeman Bike Kitchen

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